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#FlashbackFriday | 💚#Nipper | "His Masters Voice" 💚| #Brands That Stand the Test of Time

❤️"His Masters Voice" - Nipper ❤️The RCA Mascot

💛  Nipper the alert terrier with an ear cocked to listen to the phonograph was immortalized in a painting by Francis Barraud that later became the RCA Victor trademark.

💛  The image of the adorable little puppy sitting with a cocked head next to a gramophone is etched into our collective minds. 

Nipper RCA Brand Mascott

💛  Nipper (1884–1895) was a dog from Bristol, England, who served as the model for a painting by Francis Barraud titled "His Master's Voice".

💛  Nipper was a mixed-breed dog and probably part Jack Russell Terrier, or "part Bull Terrier". He was named Nipper because he would "nip" the backs of visitors' legs.

💛  Nipper’s story stretches back to #Bristol where scenic artist Francis Barraud of London saw his little dog, Nipper, sitting attentively in front of the talking machine. Barraud was so impressed that he decided to put it on canvas.

Nipper RCA His Masters Voice

💛  Berard tried several times to publish his painting but was repeatably told that:

“Dogs Don’t listen to Phonographs”
💛  He persisted and named the piece:
“His Masters Voice”
💛  This image eventually became the basis for the dog and gramophone trademark, one of the worlds most famous that was used by several audio recording and associated company brands: Including Berliner Gramophone and Berliner's American successor the Victor Talking Machine Co. (later known as RCA Victor and then RCA Records);


💛  The “His Masters Voice” trademark is still instantly recognized today and is in the top 10 of “Famous Brands of the 20th Century”. #Nipper has not only become the famous symbol of RCA, but also an enduring symbol to the world. (dogco)

💛  Not a bad accomplishment for a small pup from #Bristol, #England

His Masters Voice - Nipper

The iconic image of Nipper looking into a phonograph became an international symbol of quality and excellence.


#LinkedinCreators: Do you see any of today's brands that have the staying power and emotional pull of the “His Masters Voice Campaign”?

#PinterestCreators: Do you see any of today's brands that have the staying power and emotional pull of the “His Masters Voice Campaign”?

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❤️”Nipper” ❤️The RCA Mascot

💛  Original #PaperMache 💛His Masters Voice💛


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💛  More information on "Nipper" Here:   Click the picture:


His Masters Voice - nipper

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