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Duncan Gillis Coaching & Consulting | Speaking

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Duncan Gillis

Coaching & Consulting

"Comparing πŸ“Œ Pinterest πŸ“Œ to any other social network is like comparing

🍎 apples to πŸ„ cows.

They function completely differently".

Called the πŸ“Œ Pinterest Whisperer πŸ“Œ

➑️ I help clients define their businesses: πŸ“ŒLongterm, Sustainable, Competitive, AdvantageπŸ“Œ

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Social Media Day Halifax #SMDH19

β€œI attended your Pinterest session at the #SMDH19. It was the best session I saw that day. Β Great presentation of the key facts to know about Pinterest and also how to strategically approach that platform. Kudos to you!” 

Sebastian from Halifax

Pinterest Marketing Framework

I'm a makeup artist and I know Pinterest is a huge benefit, but I’ve just been too intimidated to jump in, but you’ve really inspired me!

Kyla from Halifax