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The Adaptive: The 5000

In May 2021, the digital artist known as Duncan Blaise set out to create and launch a new work of art that incorporates the works of 5000 of the greatest artists on the planet.
The Adaptive

The “Adaptive” will incorporate 5000 (1 of 1) original art pieces from both established and up-and-coming artists into the Adaptive. Each “Adaptive token” entitles the artist to submit an original one of one creation where the pixel number equates to the token edition number within the “Adaptive”.

The token is hereby known as “The Adaptive”, will collectively host the works of 5000 of the best crypto artists on the planet. “The Adaptive” is one of the most unique bodies of work to rise in the history of crypto art, Smart Contracts, and NFT’s.

Collectors and artists will already be familiar with the rise of digital smart contracts and the packaging of Art and Collectables within NFT wrappers, better known as NFT’s. In “The Adaptive”: 5000 artists will stitch together recurring themes and stories to create an aesthetic whole that will stand the test of time. The ultimate art time capsule.

The Adaptive


Organized in order by Adaptive Token Number, zooming in on individual pieces will reveal abstract, fantastical, grotesque, and absurd pictures, alongside current events and deeply personal moments. A global and futuristic take similar to Beeple’s EVERYDAYS.

The Adaptive will give established and up-and-coming artists the opportunity to record their work in “The Adaptive”. “The Adaptive” will record the thoughts and feelings of an entire generation. Your work is preserved for prosperity.

The 5000 artists chosen to be displayed in "The Adaptive" will be the owners of record of the issued Adaptive tokens on the yet-to-be-determined Adaptive launch date. Additional information coming from

We are in the final stages of signing some key non disclosures, additional dates, and details to be released shortly.  Stay tuned.

The Adaptive tokens will initially be dropped for free with the artist only paying for the ETH gas fees.

The Adaptive: The 5000