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Book Me As A Speaker

Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker for your conference, event or gala? Or maybe a trainer to show you how to sell through storytelling, or a Pinterest training workshop? Great! You just have found what you are looking for. I speak on and offer training on the following topics:  

📌 The Art of Selling Through Story (e.g. What is selling through story? – Why selling through story matters – Selling on Pinterest – Showing virtual assistants how to support marketing and sales on Pinterest Showing SEO and content managers how to leverage the Pinterest Marketing Framework Showing influencers how to use the tribal aspects of Pinterest Understanding how affiliate links work on Pinterest.

📌 Content Marketing (e.g. What is engaging content? – Benefits of a great content strategy – How to become a captivating content creator – Crafting “SEO Optimized” content – How to build an online community).

  • Pinterest Marketing Framework
  • Linkedin Marketing Framework
  • The Hub & Spoke Retail Marketing Framework

📌 Pinterest (e.g. Why Pinterest? – The benefits of using Pinterest – How to make the most out of Pinterest – How to position yourself as a trusted broker – How to leverage Pinterest as an SEO Marketing Platform.

No matter if your audience are beginners or advanced – on Pinterest or LinkedIn  I will tailor my speeches around your goals and needs.

Also worth mentioning: I will craft my content around YOUR needs, challenges and/or core message (if you have one). The more I am aware of the struggles of your audience, employees or students, the more I will be able to solve their problems through hands-on, real-life examples and strategies. So, please share your pain-points with me. You will find more information about my workshops and training below.

My interactive, customized workshops and training include:

▶  The Power of Pinterest. An Introduction to Visual Search (Content: How Pinterest works, from vision board to SEO marketing engine, how to use Pinterest to drive large volumes of targeted organic and paid traffic, why it is worth using Pinterest for SEO, Pinterest profile optimization, strategic networking, Pinterest affiliate links, my daily Pinterest routine and more).

▶  Master the Pinterest Marketing Framework (content: How to get more visibility, more leads, position yourself as a thought leader and build a supportive network – based on my own strategy, which helped me design a global marketing framework that generates over 10 million monthly SEO impressions).

▶ 5 Steps to Sell Online, Utilizing My Hub & Spoke Retail Marketing Framework (content: Retail has fundamentally changed, to protect your "Long-term, Sustainable, Competitive Advantage" you must change as well, how to protect your brand online, how to integrate online and brick & mortar sales strategies, how to build your brand online, and more).

▶ Selling Through Story (content: How you and your employees become the brand, becoming a good storyteller, finding your "What" and you "Why", and more).

▶How To Find A Job in The Hidden Job Market (content: Leveraging your Linkedin network to find a job, the new gig economy, freelance strategies for a digital age, this topic is particularly interesting for recent university graduates, interns, work term candidates, and virtual assistants).


Typical clients are private companies (e.g. E-Bay, IMCX), universities, government, and business schools (e.g. NSBI, Teamwork). Besides that, non-profit organizations and event organizers (e.g. Influencer Conference and Marketing Expo 2020 - IMCX, eBay Retail Revival fireside chat), virtual assistants and project managers are regular customers, too.

Until now, I have delivered keynotes and training for Ebay, IMCX2020 - Influencer Marketing conference & Expo, corporate clients, and Social Media Day events. I also speak regularly on Project & Portfolio Management and Smart City planning.

Thank you for considering Duncan Gillis Coaching & Consulting for your upcoming event! The more information you can share with us about your event, the better.  Once we receive your information, we'll get in touch with you very quickly. If the phone is more your thing, please contact Duncan Gillis at: 

(902) 410-2610 and I will get back to you right away!


Contact me to learn about my availability and fees.  You can do so in the form below. I have standard rates for my keynotes and workshops. Nevertheless, I am able to do a hand full of speeches each year at a discounted rate. This opportunity is reserved for Pinterest & LinkedIn Locals, schools, non-profit organizations, and charities.

If you are interested in watching more videos, click here ➡  If you are interested in a brochure, which sums up everything that you have just read here, send me a short email at:Click here➡   Contact E-mail .

PS: Once we decided to work together, my team will provide you with high-resolution photos, my equipment requirements, my speaker brochure, biography (if needed) and a brief on how to introduce me.